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Sr. No. Title Download File
1 NHM Scheme Brochure Punjabi Click here
2 Protected Cultivation Form of Polly House Click here
3 Protected Cultivation Form of Mallching Click here
4 Protected cultivation Form of low-tunnilg- 2 Click here
5 Pollination Support through(Bee-Keeping Form S.C) 2022-23 Click here
6 Pollination Support through Bee-Keeping Form 2022-23 Click here
7 Organic Farming (Form of vermicompost (2022-23) Click here
8 Organic Farmin Form of vermi bed (2022-23) (2) Click here
9 Integrated Post Harvest Management (Farm of Pack House 2022-23) Click here
10 Form of Rejuvination 2022-23 Click here
11 Form of Modernization of Cold Store 2022-23 Click here
12 Form of Horticulture Mechanization 2022-23 Click here
13 Establishment of new garden Form For Vegetable Click here
14 Establishment of new garden Farm of 20% I & II installment 2022-23 Click here
15 Creation of Water resources Water Harvesting Tank Farm Click here
16 Creation of water resources (Comounity Tank Farm 2022-23) Click here
18 Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana Guidelines Click here
19 Documents required for Nursery License Click here
20 MIDH Cost Norms Click here
21 MIDH Guidelines Click here