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Centre of Excellence for Vegetables at Kartarpur, Jalandhar This COE is approved and sanctioned under National Horticulture Mission in FY 2012-13. It is situated at Kartarpur, Jalandhar-Amritsar highway. This centre is established in an area of 15 acres and with the total project cost of Rs. 973.56 lakh. This centre is serving the purpose of front line demonstrations and training centre as well as source of quality planting material in form of vegetable seedlings. At this centre various protected structures (Hi-tech polyhouse, Naturally ventilated Polyhouse, Net house and Walk-in-Tunnels) have been established to find out the most suitable but economical structure in which quality vegetables can be produced.

Key features of COE:

I. Hi-Tech Nursery: Hi-tech poly house in an area of 2000 m 2 is established in which containerized vegetable nursery seedlings are being produced in soil less media as per the demands of farmers. Farmers provide seeds at the centre and get the seedlings ready for planting in field by paying nominal charges. Morethen 172 lakh seedlings have been supplied to the farmers, which has benefitted nearly 6000 farmers.


II. Doorstep delivery of vegetable seedlings : Presently, seedlings produced at COE are being delivered at farmer's door step in the vehicle owned by centre. Farmers are required to pay nominal transportation cost.


III. Standardization and demonstration of vegetables under different protected structures : Increasing population and urbanization, requires higher production per unit area. Year round production of vegetables can be achieved by increasing the production span and providing favourable conditions through protected cultivation. At this centre, different vegetable crops (Coloured Capsicum, Melons, Tomato, Seedless Cucumber, Brinjal, Zucchini, Broccoli, etc.) are being grown in Naturally ventilated polyhouse, Net house and Walk-in-Tunnels to find the appropriate technologies for these crops. All these structures are well connected with the automated drip fertigation system. An appropriate dose of fertilizer and water is being standardized along with geometry of the crops in these structures. The main purpose of the standardization is to evolve the most suitable but economical structure in which quality vegetables can be produced so that farmers may adopt it easily.

IV . Model of Vegetable Sale outlet: A sale outlet for fresh vegetables and seedlings for kitchen gardening is established near COE gate. The fresh vegetables produced at centre are kept in this air conditioned outlet for sale.


V. Post Harvest Management Facilities: A pack house is established to demonstrate post harvest management facilities. In this pack house 2 cold rooms of capacity 5 MT each and a pre cooling room of 2.5 MT capacities are established to standardize temperature and humidity level required to increase the shelf life of different vegetables.
Apart from these, different wrapping technologies of vegetables such as shrink and cling wrapping are being standardized and demonstrated. Now sorting grading and packing lines for different vegetables is also installed. 


VI. Human Resources Development: Farmers are being provided regular trainings on protected cultivation. Till date, 37 training programs (3 days) on protected cultivation have been organized and 1328 farmers & 250 technical personnel have been trained. 4 National and International Seminars have been organized at this centre to promote protected cultivation in the State.

VII. Publication of literature: COE has published literature on protected cultivation for farmers of Punjab.
Business model of the COE: COE is a self sustainable model. Revenue is being generated from the sale of vegetable seedlings and fresh vegetables. The funds are being revolved by opening revolving fund account in the bank. Sale proceeds at COE deposited in this account are being used to meet the day to day operational expenditure. Also for the maintenance of COE, Punjab Govt. has provided a corpus fund of Rs. 250.00 lakh so that this centre may serve the farming community for a long time in future.

Future plans:  Demonstration of Hydroponic Unit. Introduction of new crops & crop varieties / hybrids for open & protected cultivation.  Organic production of vegetables.  Demonstration of terrace garden at CEV to promote kitchen gardening in urban areas. 

Address: Kartarpur, Punjab 144801, 

Dr. Daljit Singh (A.D.H-Cum P.O) 75080-18827,

Sh. Tejbir Singh H.D.O (CEV) 97793-13113,

Sh. Tripat Kumar H.D.O (CEV) 98556-08704