Punjab State :- Litchi Estate

Litchi Estate


In Pathankot  region Litchi estate has  been established to full fill the need and deed of the farmers with respect to their Litchi crop under one roof.Department has taken steps to resolve the problems with respect to litchi crop .Litchi estate has been registered on dated 09-03-2011 with licence no DIC/BTL6311 2010/11  .with recognized  commette farmers and offical memers of differnt deparments (Punjab Mandi Board,Krishi Vigyan kendra,Lead Bank,Punjab Agro) .The Litchi Estate range upto 20 km that cover Pathankot distt,some part Gurdaspur distt and some Part Hoshiarpur District.

            The Total Litchi Production area under Litchi Estate is 2322 ha and the total no of farmers is covered under Litchi estate is 950.

Aim and objectives of Litchi Estate

  1. To promote and propagate litchi plantation and litchi based industry
  2. To make arragment for treatment packaging, Storage, Marketing,Processing ,Preservation , Transport and export of litchi
  3. To formulate policy /action plan for promotion of litchi cultivation
  4. to help establishment of cold storages,packaging house and processing factories concerned to litchi
  5. To take steps for the promotion of technical know how for the proper maintenance ,packaging,marketing etc to the Litchi grower
  6. To organize technology transfer through training and extensioin to the growers
  7. To promote organization of marketing chain both for domestic and export marketing of Litchi
  8. To provides quality nursery plants various other input such as fertilizers,insecticides/pesticides,machinery equipments,packaging material etc.
  9. To build a skilled cader for manging the litchi plantations.

Litchi estate Status

Total area under Litchi estate

Distt Hoshiarpur       432 ha

Distt Gurdaspur       647 ha

Distt Pathankot      1799 ha

Total Area         =   2878 ha



Sno  Particulars Quantity  Rent /day
1  Tractor Mounted Spray Pump(2000lt) 1 800
2  Tractor Mounted Spray Pump(1000lt) 1 800/-
3 Spray Pump of Battery( 20 Lt) 1 100/-
4 Pole pruner 7 300
5 Tractor MF 1035  3 800
6 Post Hole digger 2 800
7 Chain Saw 5 200
8 Rotavator 2 800
9 Power weeder 2 500
10 9 Tan Tiller 1 200/-

Registered area under Litchi Estate:

  • Total Area Registered Under Litchi Estate = 481.50
  • Total Farmers Registered Under Litchi Estate= 350

Benefits of the Litchi estate to the farmers

  1. Farmers will get techinical knowledge regarding high tech cultivation of litchi through seminars or training in Litchi plants.
  2. To provide costly Implements like tractor, Spray pumps, Augar, Pruner and other modern equipment at concessional rent to farmers to cultivate Litchi.
  3. To provide Insecticides/Pesticides/Fertilizers at subsidized rates.
  4. To conduct exposure visits for Litchi growers as and when requested by them to provide quality Nursery Plants to Farmers.